7 reasons why you should replace your current candles with Kaabsoo natural candles

7 reasons why you should replace your current candles with Kaabsoo natural candles

There are many reasons why you should ditch your current candles and enjoy handmade natural vegetable stearin Kaabsoo candles instead.

  • Kaabsoo candles are made of natural and renewable raw material sourced without destroying rainforests. The sustainably produced vegetable based raw material does not contain mineral oil or other residual petroleum and is biodegradable. All our candles are palm oil free.


  • No soot circles on the ceiling. This is no surprise that candles with low quality wax will emit a lot of soot and tar and every spring you have to be an acrobat to get the stains off the ceiling with wet-mop. Thanks to the removal of excess oils and fats our stearin candles burn clean and do not create harmful soot or tar.


  • A solution for people with allergies. Kaabsoo candles are made of clean raw material and we do not add any fragrance to our candles so also people with allergies can enjoy the comforting flame of our candles.


  • Candlelight for a long time, as our candles burn long and all the way to the end. Kaabsoo handicraft candles burn properly until the end, so there is no risk of a half-burned candle not lighting again.


  • Crystals, crystals, crystals. Each candle is unique, as the production process creates a unique and characteristic crystal surface.


  • Romantic light dance. As the pillar candle burns, the external wall remains. Sometimes it’s denser, sometimes it leaves a lace (or cobweb) pattern allowing the flame to enchant you with a romantic dance of light and shadows. You can read more about the lace (cobweb) pattern here.


  • More light, as the flame is higher and brighter than paraffin candles, it gives more light to the room.


You can find our natural vegetable stearin candles here!