Kaabsoo has moved to a new production facility

Kaabsoo has moved to a new production facility

As of 1st of July Kaabsoo candle workshop is located in Sõmerpalu. As our former workshop failed to meet our needs due the increasing demand we needed new rooms to expand our production. New workshop allows Kaabsoo to increase the production of handicraft natural candles to meet the demand during peak seasons and also develop new products. Plus we can now open our own candle shop and welcome groups who wish to see how these natural candles are made and participate in workshops.

Our new workshop is located in Sõmerpalu at Kooli 1 building.  

First chance to discover ourcandle workshop is during the Open Farm Day (July 20 and 21). See more about the Open Farm Day here.

Kaabsoo launched new ball candles

Kaabsoo launched new ball candles

Long-awaited Kaabsoo natural ball candles are finally here. Icy crystals, yet filled with romantic and warm light - Kaabsoo ball candles are ideal addition to a modern home.

Like all Kaabsoo candles, these ball candles are hand-made of natural palm stearin. Using this natural vegetable stearin guarantees a perfect burning characteristics for a candle. Adding the craftsmanship of the experienced Kaabsoo candle makers gives us an excellent addition to a modern interior design with icy crystalline texture and unique cobweb pattern. You can read more about Kaabsoo cobweb candles here.

The palm stearin used by Kaabsoo is a natural and renewable resource created without destroying rainforests. The sustainably produced (RSPO certified) vegetable-based raw material does not contain mineral oil or other residual petroleum and is biodegradable. As the palm stearin we use in our candles is extremely clean, the Kaabsoo candles smudge and soot less than candles made of other waxes. Our clean and fragrance-free candles are also suitable for people with allergies.

Kaabsoo ball candles are currently available in three different colours - red, gray and white. All other shades are available upon request. You can read more about Kaabsoo ball candles here.


How is the lace pattern created around Kaabsoo candles?

How is the lace pattern created around Kaabsoo candles?

If you have ever lit a Kaabsoo natural pillar candle you know that as they burn, a romantic lace pattern or cobweb is created around the flame. Many customers have wondered how this unique effect is created. Some think that we have used a special net or put some additives in our candles. Far from it.

The ‘blame’ lies with simple physics. As our candles are made from extremely clean natural vegetable stearin that has a slightly higher melting and pour point, the wax on the outside surface of the candle solidifies before it has time to melt into the wax pool inside the candle. This is because the ambient temperature of the room is too low to keep the wax in a liquid state. This effect creates a gorgeous lace at the candle’s outer edge.crystalline structure of kaabsoo natural candles

The crystalline structure of the candle adds to this. In the picture you can see a candle cut in half and the beautiful crystallisation inside the candle.

This means that Kaabsoo candles need no additives to create the lace. It’s all about the temperature and properties of the wax. As the lace is created by the temperature difference between the liquid wax pool and the candle’s outer surface, the lace pattern may not occur of the candle is burned in a closed candle base, hurricane or vase. In that case the ambient air temperature will be too high and the wax on the outside wall will not solidify.