Our Story

How it all started?

We are often asked, how the idea to make candles was born. To be honest, it wasn’t intended. As with many other things in life, things are up to chance. Having made natural cosmetics for ourselves for years, we were familiar with natural waxes and fats. One year we made Christmas candles with the children. When our local government Very first Kaabsoo candle maid out of soy waxarranged a competition for souvenirs, we found our leftover wax and made a candle on the night before the deadline. We used soy wax, the candle was clumsy and very simple, but surprisingly it was one of the more popular entries. That’s where it all started. We later developed the candle further and the result was gorgeous.

Then we discovered a good natural raw material - palm stearin (sometimes mistakenly called palm wax). The wax looks beautiful, does not soot, tar or smell and gives a lot of light, is a renewable resource etc. However, it’s a very complicated material and making it into candles turned out to be a work of science. This was followed by months of product development and experiments. This period saw a huge number of failed batches, failures and melting candles out from moulds with a hair-dryer. At some point, we were about to give up, but we couldn’t let it rest. In time we managed to develop the required technique and improved it so, that today we can produce large quantities of candles with uniform high-quality.

This is how the Kaabsoo candles, burning into a beautiful lace pattern and bringing joy to thousands, were born.

The Kaabsoo candles are made by hand, from the best possible raw material, that passes strict quality controls before production.

Based on our clients’ feedback, we dare to say, that the palm stearin candles of Kaabsoo are a suitable alternative to people with allergies, asthmatics and others, who were forced to give up candles for health reasons. Now they have a new chance.

Kaabsoo candles are suitable for any home, office, banquet hall, season, gift bag or anywhere you hope to create a cosy atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy many beautiful and memorable moments with Kaabsoo candles.

Reimo and Agur, Kaabsoo candle makers