Kaabsoo natural candles became even more eco-friendly

Kaabsoo natural candles became even more eco-friendly

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Kaabsoo natural stearin candles became even more eco friendly in 2020?

Probably many fans of Kaabsoo stearin candles have noticed that our candles have changed a little bit. Their burning time has increased a little, the colors are more pastel and even the cobweb around the candle is slightly firmer. This is the result of a complete innovation and "greening" of our products. Now our previous material, palm stearin, has been completely replaced by much more environmentally friendly olive stearin.

Although our previous material also came from identifiable and traceable resources and was produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable production to guarantee that the production of palm stearin is environmentally friendly and would not adversely affect the environment nor the communities in the production area. But today, we can say with confidence that the production of our new stearin no longer provides any reason to destroy the rainforests for new oil palm plantations.

Our new candle stearin comes from Europe - completely "local" product. As our products are now 100% palm oil free and have a much smaller carbon footprint than palm stearin, Kaabsoo candles can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind even by those candle lovers who used to be a bit skeptical about palm stearin.

(In our webshop some of the product descriptions may still refer to palm stearin as we are currently updating the product information, but be assured that all our candles are now made from olive stearin)

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