Kaabsoo launched new ball candles

Kaabsoo launched new ball candles

Long-awaited Kaabsoo natural ball candles are finally here. Icy crystals, yet filled with romantic and warm light - Kaabsoo ball candles are ideal addition to a modern home.

Like all Kaabsoo candles, these ball candles are hand-made of natural palm stearin. Using this natural vegetable stearin guarantees a perfect burning characteristics for a candle. Adding the craftsmanship of the experienced Kaabsoo candle makers gives us an excellent addition to a modern interior design with icy crystalline texture and unique cobweb pattern. You can read more about Kaabsoo cobweb candles here.

The palm stearin used by Kaabsoo is a natural and renewable resource created without destroying rainforests. The sustainably produced (RSPO certified) vegetable-based raw material does not contain mineral oil or other residual petroleum and is biodegradable. As the palm stearin we use in our candles is extremely clean, the Kaabsoo candles smudge and soot less than candles made of other waxes. Our clean and fragrance-free candles are also suitable for people with allergies.

Kaabsoo ball candles are currently available in three different colours - red, gray and white. All other shades are available upon request. You can read more about Kaabsoo ball candles here.