Black Pillar Candle, 11x7 cm

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The black Kaabsoo pillar candle is made from olive stearin (sometimes mistakenly called palm wax). The candle is made by pouring it by hand. The stearin candle has a unique crystal effect and burns long with a tall bright flame, illuminating the room more than a regular paraffin candle. As the pillar candle burns, a lace pattern (possibly with holes or a denser pattern) forms and creates a romantic light dance.

Due to the extremely clean raw material, the Kaabsoo candles smudge and soot less than candles made of other waxes. Our fragrance-free and clean candles are also suitable for people with allergies.

Kaabsoo handicraft candles burn properly until the end, so there is no risk of a half-burned candle not lighting again.

The stearin used by Kaabsoo is a natural and renewable resource created without destroying rainforests. The sustainably produced vegetable-based raw material does not contain mineral oil or other residual petroleum and is biodegradable. All Kaabsoo candles are palm oil free.

Always follow safety requirements when burning candles and burn candles on a heat-proof base, that keeps melted wax from running on the table as the candle can run.


Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 7 cm
Burning time: approx. 43 h
Colour: black

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